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Foaming net made in Japan. Plastic. How to use: 1. Wet a net and put the cream on it. 2. Squeeze the net gently to foam adding water little by little. 3. Squeeze off the fluffy foam from the net. 4. Put the foam on your face. Gently make circles on your face with both hands. Wash off gently. Brand: VINTORTÉ 国产产泡网 塑料制品 使用方法 1.用水将网浸湿,然后涂抹上适量的洗面霜。 2.在用两只手滚动产泡网的同时一点一点地加水。 3.泡沫产生后,将泡沫从网中取出。 4.用弹性浓厚泡沫轻轻地涂抹于脸部后清洗干净。 品牌: VINTORTÉ

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