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Country Of Origin: China Brand: TQHE Material: Granite Stone Colour: Black Descriptions: Made from genuine natural granite, it has a great feel and effectively pounds your spices, nuts, herbs and more to very fine powder or paste. It’s sturdy with a smooth surface to give the needed texture. Simply apply a firm pressure with the pestle and your job will be done. Wash with hand using warm water, then rinse and air dry before storage. - BEAUTIFUL NATURAL GRANITE - Adds a Stylish Touch to any Kitchen. Proudly Display your Natural Stone Mortar and Pestle Set when not in use! Great for Parties! IMPRESS YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS! - PREMIUM QUALITY - Ideal for Grinding Herbs, Spices, Nuts and Seeds to release their Full Flavor and Fabulous Aroma. Non-Porous Natural Igneous Granite Stone is Excellent with Wet and Dry Ingredients. - IDEAL SIZE - Perfect for Professional Chef or Home Cooking. Contemporary, Rustic Design. - EASY TO CLEAN - Your Non-Porous, Solid Granite, Mortar and Pestle will not Absorb Oils, Spices and Juices. Simple to Hand Wash with Water and Let Dry. The mortar is sturdy as a result of the solid stone it’s made of, it’s also non-porous, durable and will definitely last for a very long time. It perfectly grinds anything to any texture you desire, just keep pounding until you get your desired texture. It’s great for grinding all your nuts, spices, herbs and leaves. Dimension: Size 13cm: 13cm(D) x 13cm(H) Weight:3.2kg Size 14cm: 14cm(D) x 14cm(H) Weight: 4kg Size 16cm: 16cm(D) x 16cm(H) Weight: 5.6kg

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