Swache Skin Treatment / Anti-Fungal Cream (Dog, Cat, Small Animal) 30ML KURAP FREE
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Benefits: * To treat skin conditions caused by ringworm and other susceptible fungal infections * Controls infections caused by fungi (yeast and molds) * Prevents production of fungal cells * Effective and fast recovery Symptoms: * Lesions start around the head and spread to the legs and feet, more specifically to the toenail beds * Dry crusts * Inflammation of the hair follicles show abscess formation * Severe cases of fungal infection on skin, limbs and face Direction and Dosage: 1. Clean affected area. Remove any encrusted discharge or exudate. 2. Dry up pet’s coat 3. Apply a thin layer and massage to the affected area until the cream absorbed in to skin. 4. Application for 3 times a day and continuously up to Day 14. 5. Do not discontinue the cream before Day 14 course, as it may cause recurrent of fungal manifestation. 6. Wash hands thoroughly after applying to prevent the spread of inflection. 7. If there is no response after 14 days, contact a veterinarian. Active Ingredients: Clotrimazole 1% Product Origin: Hong Kong

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