SHIN·KOREA Ottogi Corn Syrup | 不倒翁牌玉米糖漿 | 오뚜기물엿 Ottogi Mulyeot |
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Highlights: - A one-touch cap that is easy to adjust the amount. - Starch syrup that adds flavor and luster to the dish. - Maintains the taste for a long time, and enhances the texture of the food by making it more glossy -has a high maltose content Variation: - Bottle: 1.2L - Trial Pack: 100ml Ingredients: 100% Corn starch. ⚠️ Trial Pack is repacked by Shin, 100% Original and Same. -- Annyeonghasaeyo, I'm Shin! Our store sells 100% Authentic & Original Korean Groceries since 2016. 你好,我是SHIN。自 2016 年以来,我们的商店销售 100% 正宗和原创的韩国杂货。 1. Our products are 100% imported and manufactured from Korea. 1. 我们的产品是100% 韩国进口和制造. 2. Due to originally manufactured in Korea, most of the products are not Halal Certified. However, we are happy to check the ingredient list for you. 由于原产于韩国,大部分产品未通过清真认证。 但是,我们很乐意为您检查配料表。 3. Authentic Korean groceries like ramen, snacks, and beverage have only 6months of shelf life after manufactured. After international shipping to Malaysia, the expected shelf life will be 2-5months. 3. 正宗韩国食品,如拉面、零食和饮料,制造后的保质期只有 6 个月。 国际海运到马来西亚后,预计保质期为2-5个月。 4. Be AWARE of 'fake' Korean groceries! 4. 注意“假冒”韩国杂货! - ‘Fake Korean groceries’, the made in China & export version Korean goods which are popular and sold in our local market like AXXN Mart, (Number) Mart, ETC. The ‘Fake Korean groceries' are manufactured with different manufacturer and recipes for export and countries' needs which means it's not the real taste of what the Korean eats.  - “假韩国杂货”由中国制造和出口版本的'韩国商品'在我们当地市场非常常见及销售于各大连锁超市如 AXXN Mart、(数字) Mart 。 “假韩国杂货”以满足出口与各国需求,它们是由不同的制造商和配方制造,这意味着并不是韩国人吃的真正味道。 5. How to differentiate the authentic Korean groceries and  'fake' Korean groceries? 5. 如何区分正宗韩国杂货和“假”韩国杂货? - The 'fake' Korean groceries have longer shelf life (more than 6months), the cost is lower, the packaging is with more than 20% of english description excluding paper labels.  - “假冒”韩国杂货的保质期更长(超过 6 个月),成本更低,包装上有超过 20% 的英文描述(不包括纸质标签)。  We truly appreciate your supports for our Authentic & Original Korean Groceries. 衷心感谢您对我们正宗原装韩国杂货的支持! [The Mandarin details are translated by Google. Please address us if there is any issue.] 【普通话的说明由谷歌翻译。 如有任何问题,请与我们联系。】 Best regards, Authentic Korean Mart, SHIN KOREA 

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