Plastic Bottle Storage Box Container for Baby Milk Bottles & drying rack CB-001
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#Spacious - fits multiple baby milk #bottles (Length 29.5cm x Width 26cm x Height 21cm) Cover keeps out dust #Multi-functional, can #store many different items Convenient - easy to move items Compact design saves space Made from durable material Hygienic, with 1 drying rack (removable) Multiple baby milk bottles This special container with a rotating cover has space to conveniently store multiple baby milk bottles. Keep out dust The rotating cover keeps out dust and large pests that may contaminate your baby items. Versatile Apart from baby bottles, this product can also store many other items, such as bread, fruits, food etc. Removeable base tray allows for easy cleaning and drying of washed baby cups and plates. Convenient Convenient for storing multiple baby items together in one place. Convenient for moving multiple items together in one go. Compact The compact design saves space and avoids cluttering your home. Durable material Made from light yet durable material, you can easily wash and clean the product. No plastic smell Hygienic, with 1 drying rack (removable)

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