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Nippon Kodo Tendan Series (日本香堂) [Kyara/ Meikou/ Jinkoh/ Byakudan]
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From ancient times the aroma of sandalwood has been synonymous with elegance and refinement. Its sweet and warm fragrance is not only used in Oriental style perfumes but also to make decorative items and Buddhist objects. It is said that its sweet and warm fragrance allows to relax the body and calm the mind. Sandalwood is native to India and Indian Ocean adjacent countries and is produced mainly in Indonesia. Nowadays, however, it is very difficult to find in its natural state and is usually cultivated in reforested soil, a very slow process that complicates its extraction. The noble fragrance of an aloeswood considered to be the supreme fragrance that a person can know from ancient times. Number of sticks: Approximately 240 sticks. Burn time per stick: About 25 minutes. Country of origin: Made in Japan.

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