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Footstep Footwear Men's Shoes Smith Full White Original Shoes:

Smith comes with Ergo Lite insole technology on the inside of the very comfortable and padded shoes for sure, Neo-Leather upper material with as well as Outsole using TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) material that is non-slip and strong.

Available in 3 color options also nih brother: Full White, White Gum, Black


Type: Shoes Sneaker

Color: Full White, White Gum, Black

Upper: Neo Leather (Premium Synthetic Leather) with Nylon Webbing Stripes

Outsole: Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) with FSTP Signature

Holes: 7 Holes

Insole Material: Polyfoam

Construction: Cementing

12 Excess & Advantage shopping at Footstep Footwear:

Product quality guaranteed rating 4.8 & Official Store

Customer Service's excellent and definitely fun Service brother

Exclusive Packaging shoes & sandals products

Special product fragrance sensation in every product you buy nih brother calm down


- Order please add Bubble Wrap (so that the package is safer than shock),, when there's any indication of damage to the dus, it' s beyond our responsibility (Bubble Wrap is sold separately)

- Check the Size of the foot on the Size Chart indicated before placing an order

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