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[Borong] MIX-LAH Soft Serve Ice Cream Powder Mix Tepung Aiskrim serbuk 软冰淇淋雪糕粉 Halal 1kg Pack add 3 Liter Water
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>Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix powder > Weight: 1kg per pack > Certification: Jakim Halal Malaysia > 15 Flavors Available > Produk Malaysia. Ready Stock. > Borong 1 carton = 20 pack Mixing Instruction: 1. Option 1: Mix 3 Liter Water + 1kg Premix Ice Cream Option 2: Mix 4 Liter Milk + 1kg Premix Ice Cream Option 3: Mix 2 Liter Water + 2 Liter Milk + 1kg Premix Ice Cream (* Additional of Greek Yogurt tub only for Yogurt Ice Cream Powder for more KAW) 2. Blend well all mix by using commercial blender or whisk to mix thoroughly until dissolve 3. Pour blended mix into Ice Cream Machine. Dispense and ready to serve Penyimpanan & Penjagaan: - Elakkan Haba atau Kelembapan berlebihan. - Simpan di tempat suhu bilik - Shelf life: 24 bulan

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