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PERHATIAN!! -TIdak Sesuai untuk Gearbox CVT,DCT, DSG -No Shipping to Malaysia Timur A universal all-season high-viscosity synthetic transmission fluid (ATF) for automatic gearboxes. It was specially developed for all modern automatic gearboxes (manual or sequential modes, electronic control, etc.) equipped with and without a hydraulic converter lock-up. It is also compatible with old-generation automatic gearboxes, hydraulic power steering systems, ship reversing gears, hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic/mechanical systems in which the use of fluids that correspond to Dexron (except Dexron VI) or Mercon standards is prescribed. It ensures a flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, guarantees minimal wear, a lasting service life of transmissions and fuel economy. It was developed on the basis of the requirements set by the company AISIN WARNER. Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual! JASO M315 Type 1A AISIN WARNER JWS 3309 VOLKSWAGEN G 052 025-A2 VOLKSWAGEN G 052 162-A1 VOLKSWAGEN G 052 990-A1 VOLKSWAGEN G 052 990-A2 VOLKSWAGEN G 055 025-A1 VOLKSWAGEN G 055 025-A2 BMW 83 22 0 403 248 BMW 83 22 2 163 514 BMW 83 22 9 407 765 (LA 2634) BMW 83 22 9 407 807 BMW 7045E (3 Series) BMW ETL-8072B (5 Series) BMW LT71141 (ZF 5 Speed) CHRYSLER ATF+3 CHRYSLER ATF+4 DAIHATSU ALUMIX ATF MULTI FORD Mercon V FORD Mercon SP FORD Mercon LV FORD Mercon ATF Type F FORD XT-8-QMM5 [FRN5] GM Dexron II GM Dexron II D GM Dexron II E GM Dexron III F GM Dexron III G GM Dexron III H HONDA ATF-Z1 (not for CVT) HONDA ATF DW-1 HYUNDAI ATF SP-II HYUNDAI ATF SP-III IDEMITSU K17-Jaguar X Type 2001-2005 INFINITI Matic D INFINITI Matic J INFINITI Matic K JATCO ATF 3100 PL085 KIA ATF-SP-II KIA ATF-SP-III MAN 339 F MAN 339 V1 MAN 339 V2 MAN 339 Z1 MAN 339 Z2 MAZDA ATF M-III MAZDA ATF-MV MB 236.1 MB 236.2 MB 236.3 MB 236.5 MB 236.6 MB 236.7 MB 236.9 MB 236.10 MB 236.11 MITSUBISHI DIAMOND SP-II MITSUBISHI DIAMOND SP-III MOPAR AS68RC NISSAN Matic D NISSAN Matic J NISSAN Matic K PORSCHE JWS 3309 SUBARU ATF-5 SUBARU ATF-HP SUZUKI 3314 SUZUKI 3317 SUZUKI 2384K SUZUKI ATF OIL SUZUKI ATF OIL SPECIAL TOYOTA ATF Type T TOYOTA ATF Type T-II TOYOTA ATF Type T-III TOYOTA ATF Type T-IV LEXUS ATF Type T LEXUS ATF Type T-II LEXUS ATF Type T-III LEXUS ATF Type T-IV LEXUS ATF WS LEXUS JWS 3324 VOITH 55.6335.XX (G607) VOLVO 97340 VOLVO 97341 ZF TE-ML 03D ZF TE-ML 04D ZF TE-ML 11B ZF TE-ML 14A ZF TE-ML 14B ZF TE-ML 16L ZF TE-ML 17 Others TEXACO N402 (JATCO FWD) / ETL 7045E / ETL 8072B / MOBIL ATF LT 71141 No Shipping to Malaysia Timur

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