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LPM Knee Guard 710 Adjustable Orthopedic Knee Brace with Metal Hinge Knee Support with Open Patella Stabilizer
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Brand,MOH Certified


-Metal Hinges (Additional Support & Stability)

-2 Adjustable Hook & Loop Straps

- Additional Neoprene Circle Pad Surrounding Patella

- Padded Protection

- Prevent Patella Displacement

- Improve Blood Flow

- Helps Relieve Pain from Tendinitis & Arthritis

- Closed Cell Neoprene

- Stretch Nylon for Flexibility

- Lateral metal hinges provide medial and additional support and stability for the knee.

- Two adjustable hook & loop straps insure comfortable fit & stabilization during activities.

- The additional neoprene circle pad surrounding patella provides padded protection and stabilization to prevent patella displacement.

- Minimizes chances of future injuries.

- Retains body heat to warm knee joint and increase blood circulation.

- Helps relieve pain from tendinitis and arthritis.


*Measure Knee Circumference

S- 13-14 1/2" (33-36.8cm)

M- 15-16" (38-40.6cm)

L-16 1/2- 17 1/2" (41.9-44.4cm)

XL-18-20" (45.7-50.8cm)

LPM supports are made with the highest grade closed cell neoprene, covered with stretch nylon on both sides for your comfort. Neoprene is the ultimate material for compression and heat retention, which helps improve blood circulation. This combination provides a therapeutic treatment to muscle & joint pain or injury.

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