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Quick Overview:

- Color Choice: Gunmetal

- Type: Low Speed Compression

- Speed: 50RPM

- Power Consumption: 240W

- Rated Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

- Size: 201 x 239 x 490 (mm)

- Weight: 7.1KG

- Maximum Use Time (continuous): 30 minutes

- Warranty (motor): 10 years*

- Warranty (other parts): 1 year*

- Dessert Makers (Sorbet & Smoothie): INCLUDED

*The flap gate system is designed to prevent children's small hands from entering the feeding chute. It is a universal design that can be used conveniently and safely by everyone.

*Upgraded Drum lid is improved by adding additional locking mechanisms from 3 to 4. This increases the strength of the drum bowl and lid by over 30% compared to previous models.

*5th Generation Drum improves durability and impulsive power by improving the internal structure and combination of the juicing strainer.

*The upper part of the pulp outlet is opened, and the the width has been increased. This allows for fine residue to be cleaned up easier compared to previous models.

*Makes juice quickly with feeding chute(82mm), which is bigger than existing slow juicer and allows bigger ingredients to be put in a whole.

*The container is made of Tritan that is free of environmental hormones (Bisphenol A), and the juicing mesh and screw are made of safe and durable ULTEM.

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