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Made in Korea Material : Plant Fibre (100% Viscose) Size : Approx. 14cm x 15cm Color: Green - exfoliating bath washcloth - scrub of dirt and dead skin cells - uniformly clean body - will shrink in size after soak in water - reusable - results may be more visible after using consistently more than once - do not use for facial scrubbing - recommend to use only max twice a week CAREFUL!!! Towel scrub "made in China" quality is different from "made in Korea". Lots of seller claiming selling Korean towel scrub, but in reality they are selling made in China towel scrub. Some seller even cut the "made in China" tag when ship to customers. How to diffrentiate? 1) Check the tagging "made in Korea or China" from the review section provided by buyers. 2) Made in China towel scrub also got 2 red lines, but towel scrub made in Korea only have black lines. You can check the picture uploaded by buyers in review section. Don't rely on pictures provided by seller only.

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