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Product Name: Kodomo Children Toothpaste Strawberry 80g


KODOMO Lion Children Toothpastes are also available in other variants:

- Apple

- Grape

- Orange

No. 1 Children Toothpaste in Malaysia*

KODOMO Lion is the Children Oral Care Specialist by Lion Japan, the No. 1 Oral Care Company in Japan* established in 1891.

KODOMO Lion children toothpaste with 5% Xylitol + Active Fluoride that restore mineral and help repair caries in 14 days.


Safe for daily use

Sugar free

Less foam encourage longer brushing

Pack type: 1 pack of Kodomo Children Toothpaste Strawberry 80g

What is included: 1 tube of Kodomo Children Toothpaste Strawberry 80g

Usage instructions: Do not swallow. Spit and rinse after use

*INTAGE SRI, No1 Company in Oral Care Category, Value Sales, CY 2016


Certified Halal by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand

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