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JYNNS Nutri King Mixed Pumpkin With Multigrain 金氏Nutri King南瓜谷粮王 (500g)
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[Exp: 12/2024]

JYNNS Nutri King Mixed Pumpkin with Multigrain is a unique combination of all the goodness of pumpkin with various types of grains. Pumpkin is a valuable vegetable due to its natural antioxidants, which are of great value to health.

金氏Nutri King南瓜谷粮王综合南瓜和谷类的所有益处。南瓜含有天然的抗氧化剂,是对健康非常有益的一种蔬菜。

JYNNS Nutri King Mixed Pumpkin with Multigrain contains high protein, a source of dietary fiber and iron, lutein, and DHA. It is a specialized formula mainly to support eye and brain health.

In addition, it provides a range of health benefits as a healthy addition to the elderly’s meals.

金氏Nutri King南瓜谷粮王能提供高蛋白质、膳食纤维、铁、叶黄素和二十二碳六烯酸 。这配方最主要的功效是用来支持和维持眼睛和大脑的健康。


JYNNS Nutri King Mixed Pumpkin with Multigrain is not only low in calories but also rich in vitamins!

A cup contains only 120 calories!

Supplement the required nutrients for the brain and eyes.

金氏Nutri King南瓜谷粮王不仅低热量,且含丰富的维生素!




Improve Memory, Protect Retina, Improve Gut Health, Maintain Good Eyesight, Improve Brain Power

[Direction To Use]

Add 2 scoops (around 30 grams) of JYNNS Nutri King Mixed Pumpkin with Multigrain Powder into 180ml of warm water. Stir well and serve




将2勺(大约30克)的金氏Nutri King南瓜谷粮加入180ml的温水里,搅拌均匀即可饮用。

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