Huat Huat Kouping 發發饼家 - 6片装 合桃酥 Chinese Cookies x 6pcs
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合桃酥 / Chinese Cookies Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Margarine, Shortening (Palm), Vegetable Oil (Palm), Egg, Salt. Contains leavening agent as food conditioner. Contains permitted food colouring. Important Notice: Customers would bear higher risk if only buy one pack/one unit of item per parcel despite the fact that we wrap each and every item with bubble wrap. Thank you for your understanding 如只够买单包(以整个parcel来计),买家将面临饼干碎掉的高风险。 慾避免者,请尽量不要只购买单一物品。还请买家多多包涵。 (卖家将确保利用泡泡纸包裹好每一个易碎糕饼😄) -6 pieces in a pack -Melt in mouth instantly -Crunchy texture -Halal certified

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