Huat Huat Kouping 發發饼家 - 4片盒装 鸡丝饼 Chicken Floss Pastry x 4 pieces
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手工鸡丝饼/ Chicken Floss Pastry Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil (Palm), Sugar, Shortening (Palm), Wheat Molasses, Dhal Green Bean, Shallot, Chicken Floss, Salt. Contains permitted food preservative. 酥酥的餅皮 配上咸豆沙餡 裏頭·還夾著滿滿的鸡丝 餅皮上頭撒上剛剛好的白芝麻 簡直就是恰到好處的搭配! Contains chicken floss Salty bean paste Flaky pastry skin White sesame on top of the pastry It is definitely one of top selling products in our shop! Important Notice: Buyers would bear higher risk if only buy one pack/one unit of item per parcel despite the fact that we wrap each and every item with bubble wrap. Kindly avoid buying single item per parcel. Thank you for your understanding. 如只够买单包(以整个parcel来计),买家将面临饼干碎掉的高风险。 慾避免者,请尽量不要只购买单一物品。还请买家多多包涵。 (卖家将确保利用泡泡纸包裹好每一个易碎糕饼😄) #halalcertified #chickenfloss #saltybean #signature

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