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Formulation,Glue Type

Welcome to GOOD LLAMA store ️ ALL ITEMS ARE LOCAL READY STOCK ️ Fast Shipping from KL Please with our Llama Team if you have any question regarding our product. As we want to give the best buying experience for our customers. Dropshippers / Reseller are Welcome! GOOD LLAMA Anti-Leak Sealant Spray Waterproof Repair Rooftop -Fixes all leaking within second! -Fast seal and repair damaged surfaces -Strong and flexible protective layer for the applied surface. -Anti-leakage properties and can be used on wet surfaces with high bonding strength, transparent and non-yellowing -Powerful sealant has strong adsorption effect and can be easily and quickly bonded to most surfaces that need protection. -Can be applied immediately and provide the required permanent protection Direction :  1. Clean the dirt and water stains on the surface of construction, and keep and surface clean  2. Before use, shake it up and down. Keep the object from 15-30cm away, aim and spray the leakage area evenly.  Cautious :  1. For the unknown material, please spray it in small area use it if there is no adverse reaction. 2. Aerosol tank must be upright and horizontal angle must not less than 45 degree.  3. Keep the surface cool, dry and dust-free. 4. Avoid area from water contact 5. Do not work in rainy weather condition 6. In case of contact with eye and mouth, please wash with water immediately  7. Keep product in cool and dry place, away from heat source and open fire Product Specification : Size : 8x8x20cm  Content : 450ml/ 750ml Color : Black, Grey, White, & Transparent Life Shelf : 3 Years *Please allow 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement

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