GNC - Baba Gardening Beginner Grower Set - Seedling Soil + Tray Set + Thumb Pot Set for germination
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Greenish City GardenMart
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- Beginner set for seedling purposes. - Suitable for amateur gardeners e.g., housewives, students, retirees - Easy to handle and work - Can be used with any healthy seeds A set of beginner gardening tools comes with: 1. 1x Baba branded Seedling Soil 2. 1x Seedling Tray 3. 24x Seedling Thumb Pot <Baba Seedling Soil> - For faster, stronger, and easier seedling, higher percentage of success rate. - Major Ingredients: 100% Blonde peat with high content of stable humus. - Weight: approximate 600g, equivalent to 3L. <Seedling Tray> - Black Colour Nursery Seedling Tray For 2" Pot 24 Holes Plastic Gardening Tray - Material: Plastic - Colour: Black - Number of Holes: 24 - Size: Length - 40cm Height – 5cm Diameter of Holes – 6cm <Seedling Thumb Pot> Material: Plastic Colour: Cotta Will pack with extra careful with film wrap, paper wrap and/or bubble foam wrap for best protection. Items are not returnable and refundable except damages. Items will or appear to have minor chippings, small/almost invisible dents, discolorations and minor scratches, will not issue refund or exchange except big damages or visible big dent. Do take note if you are too attentive to small details and cannot tolerate this minor imperfection. This is human made pot, hope for your kind understanding for some minor & unintentional imperfections. #GreenishCityGardenMart #GardenCenterPenang #GardenCenterButterworthPenang #OnlineGardeningStore #AllYourGardeningNeeds #OnlineGardenCenter #OnlineGardenShop #OnlineGardenMart #OnlinePlantShop #YourOneStopGardenCenter

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