Fresh & White Fluoride Toothpaste - Extra Cool Mint (225g x 2) [Super Value]
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=================================================================== Fresh & White Fluoride Toothpaste 225g x 2 (Super Value 2 Tubes) - Extra Cool Mint =================================================================== Fresh & White Extra Cool Mint Fluoride Toothpaste with frosty cool sensation and enhanced mint taste for fresher breath. Fresh & White Fluoride Toothpaste is also available in: - Fresh Cool Mint Fresh & White Triple Cavity Protection fluoride toothpaste with 2 Fluoride & Calcium that are:- Sugar Acid Protection - reduce ability of plaque bacteria to produce acid Cavity Prevention - prevent mineral loss in tooth enamel and replace lost minerals Tooth Enamel Strengthening - strengthen tooth enamel with increased ability to resist acid attack _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Certified Halal by JAKIM #fresh&white #fluoride #toothpaste #225g #225gx2 #supervaluepack #supervalue #supervalue2tubes #extracoolmint #southernlion #japan #halal

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