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Asylea Breathe - Airborne Fogging Solution : * Kill germs in 1 second * Protection up to 4 hours * Economic usage cost, RM2 per day * Safe and easy Asylea Breathe is the Airborne Fogging Solution which apply with Fogger machine. As the market leader in hygiene solution, Asylea Breathe provides great benefits such as kill germs in 1 second contact time, protection up to 4 hours. Usually if we engage service from Disinfection company, it will easily cost us at least few hundred dollars. Now you can DIY disinfect with at least 90 times cheaper! Retail price for 1 bottle of Asylea Breathe (1L) is RM350, about 3 months usage for a standard office area (1000 sf) to disinfect daily. Average cost per disinfection is only RM2 ! Asylea now offer DIY Promo Package, if you purchase 3 bottles of Asylea Breathe, we will free you 1 Fogger machine! Limited offer while stock last.

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