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Emery Sponge Strongly Wipe Nano Decontamination Clean Magic The Kitchen Brush Pot / Span Bersih Periuk Berus Dapur金刚砂海绵擦
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『The fifth-generation nano-gold sponge sponge pans, knives, gas stoves and other tenacious oil and rust scale brushes scrub, strong decontamination, saving time and effort. The outer layer of gold-steel sponge is not easy to drop sand and is durable. The high-elastic sponge inside has strong water absorption and rich foaming. It has a small three-dimensional trapezoid, and the edges and corners of the gap can be easily decontaminated.』

⭕ Commodity name: [Emery Magic Wipe] Upgraded fifth generation

⭕ Time to market: 2019

⭕ Product material: tiny frosted particles + sponge

⭕ Product specifications:

✅ Square (10x7x2.5)

✅ 5 pieces (9cmx13.5cm)

✅ Roll (9cmx100cm)

⭕ Product color: brown

⭕ Product weight: about 50 grams in rolls

⭕ Scope of application: generally used for sharpening knives, cutting chopping boards, grinding pots, washing dishes and chopsticks, removing rust, strong removal of stubborn stains, wiping furniture, floors, stoves, etc.

⭕ Commodity features: The upgraded version of the fifth-generation emery rag / sponge wiper, the sand layer is thicker, the sand is very little, the life is longer, the imported environmental protection glue is used, the health is practical and reliable, the density is high and wear-resistant, the cleaning pot does not hurt the utensil , High cleanliness, physical friction, health and environmental protection, one side of emery and one side of sponge are widely used, brush pot, cleaning chopping board, grinding knife, etc., high toughness, not easy to break, tough and durable


⭕ 商品名称:【金刚砂魔力擦 】升级版第五代

⭕ 上市时间:2019

⭕ 商品材质:微小磨砂粒子+海绵

⭕ 商品规格:

✅ 金刚砂方块擦(10x7x2.5)

✅ 金刚砂5片(9cmx13.5cm)

✅ 金刚砂卷装(9cmx100cm)

⭕ 商品颜色:棕色

⭕ 商品重量:卷装约50克

⭕ 适用范围:一般用于磨刀,磨砧板,打磨锅具,洗碗洗筷,除锈,强去除顽固污迹,擦拭家具,地板,灶台等

⭕ 商品特点:升级版第五代金刚砂抹布/海绵擦,砂层更厚,掉砂极少,寿命更长,采用进口环保胶水,健康实用放心,密度高耐磨,擦锅除垢不伤器皿, 清洁度高,物理摩擦,健康环保,一面金刚砂一面海绵用途广泛,刷锅,擦砧板,磨刀具等,韧性大,不易断裂,坚韧耐用

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