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Pack size - 20g x 15 sachets Flavor - Matcha Latte Expiry Date - 12 April 2025 【About the EVERYDAY Matcha Latte】 Green & Serene 🍃 Capture the essence of Green Tea 🍃 Exotic Blend of Matcha and Milk 🍃 Higher Nutrition than Regular Green Tea 🍃 Matcha has 137 time more antioxidants than regular Green Tea 🍃 Lower Blood Sugar 🍃 Perfect for Winding Down after long hectic day 🍃 25% less sweeter 🍃 Perfect for people who like drinks milk, smooth and light Matcha Magic - 100% Genuine Flavour and Aroma 🍃 Mix of tantalizing green tea 🍃 Concocted with matcha green tea leaves imported from Japan 🍃 Every sachet offers rich aromas and smooth lasting taste 🍃 No artificial ingredients 🍃 100% genuine flavour and aroma Imported Quality 🍃 Milk powder from New Zealand 🍃 Milk enhances the taste of green tea 🍃 100% without artificial flavouring 🍃 Produce a cup of foamy Matcha Latte with Natural Matcha Healthier Beverage 🍃 Rich and flavourful taste 🍃 Free of trans fat and unhealthy cholesterol 🍃 Zero trans fat = better control of your LDL (unhealthy) cholesterol levels Take Note 📝 Store in a cool and dry place. For more information, kindly contact us through chat or our website at to know more! Do support us by leaving a 5 Star review if you like our Everyday Drinks!

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