DERMED Kojic Acid Skin Whitening & Brightening Cream for Freckle Skin Remove Dark Spot Improve Skin Dullness (30g) - SSK
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DERMED Whitening Cream 🏆Medical Approval 🏆Rakuten Achievements DERMED Technology 💙Power of original ingredients 💙Power of cosmetic formulation 💙Power of precise combination Features - Skin whitening while tackling dark spots on skin. This cream improves appearance of dark spots around the cheeks, forehead, and eye area using "Kojic acid", a whitening and yellowing prevention ingredient. It spreads smoothly to moisturize and brighten skin, achieving a transparent effect. - Kojic acid is a whitening and yellowing-inhibiting ingredient that was developed after noticing the smoothness and brightness of the Soy Bean brewers hands. - It suppresses melanin production which prevents the yellowing of skin. - For wide-ranging pigmentation and dullness. - The soft and easy-to-spread cream delivers lightening ingredients to your skin and gives brighter and clearer look. How to use 1️⃣ Place the cream on both cheeks and forehead 2️⃣ Spread it gently from the center to the sides of your face 3️⃣ Finally, cover your face with your palms to allow maximum penetration of product into the skin Made in Japan

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