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CENTON Instant Shower Water Heater - Serene Highlands SR711-H Series | 5.4kW Advanced Heating (with optional pump)
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Your instant water heater's output water temperature isn't hot enough for mountain weather usage (eg. Genting & Cameron Highlands) / high-rise building with high water pressure?

Get the CENTON Serene Series Highlands Edition with a powerful 5.4kW ADVANCED HEATING ELEMENT to cater to your hot water needs! Also equipped with an optional powerful booster pump to deliver to you unlimited EXTRA HOT shower water flow, bonding you with sensational showers.


- UK Technology High-Powered Heating Element | Powerful 5.4kW advanced heating technology with providing users with instant hot shower water flow, with a guaranteed 5 year warranty.

- Multi-Spray Hand Set | Shower Hand Set selection allows users to select preferred shower spray pattern for optimum shower sensation.

- Built-in AC Booster Pump | Boosting shower water flow as much as 4.5 times for bathrooms that do not have enough water pressure.

- Built-in RCD | Life-saving device which cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage, protecting users from getting electric shock.

- Built-in Voltage Surge Protector | Protects internal electrical circuit from electrical surges & voltage spikes, including those caused by lightning.

- Built-in Flow Sensor | Cuts off power supply in the event where water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating.

- Double Function Thermostat | Additional manual reset function in the event of abnormal temperature rise, protecting users from the risk of scalding.

- Unlimited Capacity Hot Water Supply | Tankless instantaneous water heater technology provides on-demand constant supply of hot water instantly without the need of waiting.

- Triple Function Right Angle Stop Valve | Smooth 90° water flow control valve with regulator & built-in mesh filter to prevent foreign particles from flowing into the heating element, causing unwanted damages / blockages.


- Heater Electrical Rating | 5.4kW, 240Vac, 50Hz (recommended to use 4mm² diameter cable connection)

- Minimum Water Flow Rate | 2 litre / min

- Maximum Water Pressure | 3.87kg f/cm² (55psi)

- Water Temperature Control | Electronic Control

- Water Connection | 15mm dia. (1/2" BSP)

- Dimension | 246mm x 376mm x 98mm

- Weight | No Pump : 1.7kg / AC Pump : 2.7kg

- AC Pump Electrical Rating (Motor) | 120W, 220V - 240Vac

- Manufactured in | Malaysia : ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) & ISO 14001 (Environmental) certified factory

- Product Certification | SIRIM & Suruhanjaya Tenaga certified appliance

- Product Liability Insurance | RM1,000,000.00


- Shower Rail

- 5-Spray Shower Hand Set

- Shower Hose

- Triple Function Right Angle Stop Valve



Full range of CENTON Water Heaters | https://shope.ee/4Kj8bqlry3

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