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Mikubi G402 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110437.pdf

Mikubi G401 Isofix : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110459.pdf

Mikubi G401X No Isofix : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110460.pdf

Mikubi LM211 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110389.pdf

Mikubi LM389 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110428.pdf

LM211-768 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110043.pdf

G301 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110461.pdf

LM203 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110044.pdf

Z-12 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110045.pdf

LM389 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110428.pdf

ED101 : https://www.miros.gov.my/crs/QR0110047.pdf

* So sorry that our company no join government subsidy*

【Description】: Z-12

- Detachable seat across the child grow the three stages

- Covering the child grow the security needs

- Strengthens the safety cushion is practical and cost effective

- 5 point bound system effectively protect children's shoulders, legs, and crotch

- Can effectively disperse stress, have the effect of fixed and protect baby

- Five point seat belt is like a solid shield to give the baby the best protection

- Backrest can be remove & convert to booster seat

- Suitable: 9 kg - 36kg (around 9 month to 12 years old)

- Net Weight 6KGS

* So sorry that our company no join government subsidy*

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