Aloe Vera Live Plant Random (Pokok Lidah Buaya Hidup)
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Aloe Vera Plant with roots Can plant right away Can choose 1. Small Size Plant (10cm)(no pot & soil) 2. Medium Size Plant (15 to 20cm)(no pot & soil) 3. Large Size Plant (20 to 30cm)(no pot & soil) 4. X Large Size Plant (30cm & up)(no pot & soil) Aloe vera is excellent at cleaning benzene and formaldehyde from the air inside your house. These toxins are found in floor finishes, varnishes and detergents. Apart from cleaning the air, you can also use it to treat cuts and burns very effectively. Aloe Vera is also a medicinal plant. It has many healing qualities. good for treating burns, rashes, eczema and dry skin. It is also used as popular base for many cosmetic products. It is one of the few plants releases Oxygen and absorbs Carbon Dioxide in the dark, making it suitable for growing in the house. NOTE: ✔Real live plant can survive around 1 week while shipping. But we will not guarantee that plant will not be damaged in the enclosed state while shipping. ✔Plant will be faded/spindled/few leaves drop while shipping. ✔We are not responsible on damage of any plant due to delayed by delivery company. #aloevera #lidahbuaya

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