Alcohol & Quat Based (Liquid Type) 70% Alcohol - Alco-Quat 5 Litre
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Name : Alco-Quat 70% of Alcohol Packing : 5 Litre Dilution : Ready to Use Chempro Alco-Quat is a dual action sanitizer which eliminate bacteria up to 99.99% effectively on your hands even after drying. Alco-Quat is a broad spectrum, alcohol based cleaner, disinfectant in areas where rapid bacteria and viruses disruption is needed. It is an ideal product and it will vaporize within 3 minutes. Alco-quat is safe to be used on all surface door knobs, work bench, wall, hall space and etc, Fast sanitizing for food preparation, surface, equipment and hands. Food grade sanitizer No rinse sanitizing Rapid destruction of germs and microorganisms Quat leaves antibacterial film after surface dries. Disinfect and clean hands without soap or water (in absence of hand soap, use hand sanitizer) Ideal to use in hospital, education center, day care center, shopping mall, any public area

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