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1PC Mahjong Cleaning Sponge Wipe Compressed Wood Pulp Kitchen Sponge Absorbent Non-stick Oil Sponge Magic Force Wipe Kitchen Cleaning Accessories
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Description: Product name: mahjong sponge rub Product packaging: transparent OPP bag Product size: 8*6CM Product material: wood pulp fiber Product specifications: 8 kinds of patterns Specifications: 1. National tide mahjong sponge wipe, magic wood pulp cotton, swelling when exposed to water. 2. A wipe clean, gently wipe without leaving stains, flushing oil stains automatically separated 3. Fine and delicate texture, without damaging the surface of the object at the same time, remove stains. Easier in the face of stubborn oil, cleaner 4. Foaming is rich, and the cleaning operation is faster. 5. Compact and convenient, feel comfortable, good cleaning experience. Package Included: 1 * wood pulp sponge wash bowl wipe

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