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Designed to Suit for Flight Asylea Travel Kit is consist of 1 Nano Mister, 1 Zero-touch Stick, 2 bottles of 50ml Asylea HONa Water. Asylea HONa Water is a highly safe yet very powerful disinfectant. It is safe and friendly to baby, pregnant women, elderly people, sensitive skin, and even to pets. Because of its food grade ingredient, even accidental consumption will not cause any harm. What even better : compared to other disinfectants, HONa Water is proven to kill germs with the fastest contact time : 1 second! (75% Alcohol need about 15 seconds, most of the non-alcohol disinfectants need 5 minutes or longer) Zero-touch stick: Use it to minimise the contact with public surfaces. For example, you can use it to press the lift button. Drip some Maxsafe onto the sponge and use accordingly. Total 100ml of HONa Water is allowed to bring up to Flight. Asylea Travel Kit is RM68, included postage fee for Peninsular Malaysia.

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