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[HALAL]SUMO CALROSE RICE SUSHI (1KG)/ SUMO BERAS SUSHI (1KG) Legal Disclaimers This product is certified halal by Jakim. Suppliers’ halal certification for local chicken/beef are from JAKIM/JAIN whilst imported beef/buffalo/lamb/mutton from Islamic bodies recognized by JAKIM in Australia, New Zealand, India Preparation and Usage Cook delicious rice by using rice cooker 1. Pour 1 cup of Sumo Calrose Rice and 2 cups of water into the rice cooker. Then turn on the rice cooker. 2. When the rice cooker turns off, leave for 10 minutes before serving. Cook delicious Hand-Rolled Sushi 1. Mix 3 cups of hot cooked Sumo Calrose Rice with 6 tablespoons of Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar. 2. Spread the cooked Sumo Calrose Rice on top of the nori sheet. 3. Dab a small amount of prepared *Wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste). 4. Place with bite-sized pieces of Wel Pac Kanikama (fish cake), Sashimi or Wel Pac Hana Katsuo (shaved bonito) on top of the Wasabi. 5. Roll-up the sushi into a cylinder shape. 6. Wet a very sharp knife and slice the sushi roll to equal size. 7. Dip the sushi bit by bit with Kikkoman Soy Sauce and serve. *Use Hime Wasabiko (Japanese horseradish powder) for better taste. #sumo#shushi

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