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🔥Ipoh Famous Kaya Puff(Sin Eng Heong) 怡保老字号新荣香加央角👍👍👍 Item Details 产品资料 新荣香加央角 怡保老字号新荣香,驰名加央角 新鲜出炉咖央角 甜而不腻👍 新鲜提取,独立包装 1盒10个 Packaging: 500g+- / Tupperware (10 pieces) Best before 2-4 weeks of date purchase 可以保存 2-4 星期 P/S: This product is extremely fragile. Since the biscuits are very crispy, we will protect them with a lot bubble-wrapping. However, they may still inevitably break or peel off if they shake too much during delivery or the courier handling violently. If mind, please do not purchase. 此产品属于易碎产品,由于饼干非常酥脆,我们都会在包装方面加以保护,可是运送途中摇晃多或者快递处理暴力难免会碎或饼皮脱落,介意请慎拍。 ♥️现货♥️现货♥️ 怡保驰名新荣香咖央角 吃过了你就知道为什么要排长龙买它噢 而且不是排队就有噢, 有时候会吃白果噢 ⭐Freshness guaranteed 保证新鲜 Keep it in a cool and dry place or refrigerator. We suggest to re-bake before consume. (Preheat oven at 220*C and heat it for 5 to 10min) 储存方式:存放于干凉地方或冰箱/使用烤箱加热口感更佳(220*C / 5 - 10分钟) Cancellation Policy: No refunds or exchange #SIN ENG HEONG #READYSTOCK #IPOH FAMOUS #IPOH FOOD #IPOH BISCUIT #怡保传统手工 #Kaya Puff #新荣香 #加央角 #新荣辉 #怡保加央角

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